Aug 30, 2013

Hooked on Jam Making and Hat Making Apparently

What do you do with 6 half pints of strange jam?

Empty those jars out into a big glass container and give it away to an unsuspecting relative who likes the taste, and make some new jam!

But this time, use jam making sugar with added pectin.

I really didn't want to waste any more good fruit, so I succumbed to the CSR Jam Sugar. A kilogram of fruit (and a little added lemon rind) and two bags of sugar, five minutes of boiling (not 50 minutes like last time) and it's done. Perfect Strawberry Jam.

Typically - I couldn't help myself - I made another batch (each batch makes 5-6 230ml jars). Then I went to my sister's and made a batch for her. Then I ordered some more jars and lids. Now I plan to make a half-batch with just one packet of sugar and 500g of mixed blueberries and strawberries tomorrow.

I will never buy strawberry jam again, it is so good. I feel like I need to have enough of this jam to last my family until next strawberry season (so I should make more right?), but then again summer's coming and with it peaches, apricots and plums. Jam making is addictive (too bad about all the sugar though). I'll have to branch out into making pickles so we don't get type 2 diabetes and cavities.

And for all those Aussies out there, did you know they sell regular mouth Ball Mason jars (the brand I used) in Big W? My local store doesn't have the half pint size like in the above photo, but I picked up a dozen pint sized ones for $29 and the lids are $2.97 a dozen. Beats paying and waiting for shipping!

And typically, I can't just sew a few hats for my kids, I have to go and make six more to donate to school fundraising.

I'm definitely going to up size this pattern to fit my head!

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